Verbal Abuse Prevention Canada


Prevention Week October 1-8, 2017

To help raise awareness of Verbal Abuse across Canada,

from one province to another, 

join PEI. 

Help the healing begin.


PEI's Annual Verbal Abuse Prevention Week came out of an initiative to raise awareness of verbal abuse which started in 1994, With research and release of a report called, "An Information Report In Recognition of Verbal Abuse in Canada" released May 1st, 1997 and shared with all Ministers of Education across Canada, It contained information outlining which provinces recognized verbal abuse. In 1994, many provincial school boards and schools in Canada did not recognize verbal abuse. Some provinces had policies recognizing verbal abuse but did not always enforce them.

After the release of the report, walking from tip to tip across PEI in 1998, "WALK FOR TALK" evolved out of a necessity to raise awareness of verbal abuse and encourage the province of PEI to recognize this abuse in its schools and communities.It was a walk across PEI from tip to tip speaking with schools and communities along the way. It encouraged educators and boards to implement policies and guidelines recognizing this abuse across the province. 

The Verbal Abuse Prevention Award was also a result of the walk for talk initiative. Each year the school boards in the province were encouraged to take part in selecting a school who well represented, both in school and community, an environment that raised awareness for all students and staff.

In 1999, with encouragement and a signature book, Premier Pat Binns announced Canada's first PEI Verbal Abuse Prevention Week which was held in September. The date was later changed on February 1st, 2000, Education Minister Chester Gillan announced that the second annual Verbal Abuse Prevention Week will be held during the first full week of October on Prince Edward Island. It has been an annual initiative since.

In 2002, MP Shawn Murphy introduced a Private Members Bill to the House of Commons, An Act to Establish Verbal Abuse Prevention Week, but unfortunately it was dropped from the order paper after second reading in 2004. 

Because of interest from other provinces about PEI's Initiative, this page was created, in hopes that other provinces will join PEI in this prevention week. When we talk about verbal abuse and its effects, we raise awareness and educate those on the devastating effects of verbal abuse and allow the healing to begin.

I hope that we can make positive change together, share this page.

Tami Martell


Creating Positive Change in our Schools, Making Peaceful Communities...a resource booklet for verbal abuse prevention , May 2004

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