Verbal Abuse Prevention Canada



Mission Statement

To promote the prevention of Verbal Abuse in PEI and across Canada;

To promote Verbal Abuse Prevention Week in PEI and across Canada;

To educate and raise awareness of the negative effects of Verbal Abuse;

To work to eliminate Verbal Abuse in schools and in society generally;

To promote a safe method of dealing with conflict and solving problems;

�Despite being the most common form of abuse, verbal abuse is generally not taken as seriously as other types because there is no visible proof, and the abuser may have a "perfect" personality around others. In reality, however, verbal abuse can be as detrimental to a person's health as physical abuse. If a person is verbally abused from childhood on, he or she may develop psychological disorders that plague them into and throughout adulthood.�


Founder's Message

My name is Tami Martell and I am representing Verbal Abuse Prevention Canada, a not for profit organization which promotes prevention of verbal abuse in Prince Edward Island and across Canada by raising awareness of its effects, in the home, school, work-place and communities.


Prince Edward Island holds a Verbal Abuse Prevention Week the first full week of October.   This annual event is celebrated with activities arranged by schools and the community across the Island.  We are encouraging other provinces to join P.E.I. and celebrate a VAPWeek in their respective regions.  It would be exciting to see the whole nation celebrating together.


It all began in 1994 with an informal review of verbal abuse policies in Canada.  The findings were released in a report â��An Information Report in Recognition of Verbal Abuse in Canadaâ�� in 1997 which revealed that many school boards did not have policies to prevent verbal abuse while others had policies that were not being enforced.


In 1998 I was inspired by children/youth, parents, educators, grandparents to walk across PEI in a â��Walk For Talkâ�� to raise awareness about verbal abuse prevention.  Following the walk across PEI a Verbal Abuse Prevention Week was officially announced by then Premier Pat Binns in September 1999.   In 2000, the week was changed to  the first full week of October and announced by then Minister of Education, Hon. Chester Gillan. It has continued annually since then.


Now we have a number of PEI schools and community organizations take part annually to spread the word about preventing verbal abuse and promote safe ways to deal with conflict and solving problems.


For those who are being verbally abused and experiencing exclusion, emotional and physical abuse in school, it is very real and we all have to do our part to stop ignoring this serious ill of society.   We can work together to bring positive change in our lives, in the lives of others at home, school, work and play.



    Tami Martell

If you are a child or teen struggling with issues in your life, Kids Help Phone is here to help. You can reach a professional counsellor 24/7 by calling 1-800-668-6868 or to access information and Live Chat through the website at

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